We regret that with effect from 30 April 2012, SunPage will cease our Paging services and Paging related Value Added Services. We would like to thank all our customers for their support and understanding.

About SunPage Paging service closure:
1. When is Sunpage's paging service closing?
Sunpage paging will cease all paging services including all paging value-added services from 30 April 2012, 2359 hrs.
2. Why does Sunpage have to shutdown its paging system?
The demand for paging services has been on a steady decline as more people switch from pagers to mobile phones. To keep the service affordable, we have been taking steps to reduce overheads and other network costs without affecting our service quality. After a very careful review, we regret that we have to discontinue the paging service which is no longer commercially viable.
3. Can I not terminate my paging service?
You can continue with your paging service till 30 April 2012. Thereafter, the paging service will no longer be available.
4. Can I transfer my paging number to become a mobile number? If not, why?
Sunpage Paging will be returning all paging numbers back to IDA after the paging service closure. As such, we would not be able to retain your number.
5. Can I transfer my Paging number to another paging operator?
There is no alternative paging operators in Singapore, as such you will not be able to transfer your Paging number to another paging operator.
6. What happens if someone sends me a page after paging closure?
From 30 April 2012, all paging services and the paging VASes will cease. Those who make paging calls to our customers will no longer hear the beeping tone when they dial the page number.
7. Does my pager have any trade-in value?
Your pager will not have any trade-in value.
8. Who are the affected customers?
All paging subscribers will be affected by the paging network shutdown.
9. Can you extend the closure date by say another three or six months?
We will not be able to extend the closure. Sunpage Paging has sent a letter dated 13 Jan 2012 to notify customers of this closure in order provide ample time for customers to find alternatives to stay connected.
10. I am currently on a paging contract. If I terminate my contract now, will I be penalized?
If you choose to terminate your contract now, there will be no penalty charges imposed as a result of this closure.
11. When will I receive my last bill?
Subscription charges will be pro-rated according to your preferred termination date. For advance payment, refunds of balance will be send by cheques in mail after the 30th April 2012.
12. I paid premium price for my golden paging number, how will I be compensated?
As Sunpage Paging will be returning all paging numbers to IDA after the paging service closure, we are unable to help you retain your golden paging number.